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62-64/100 favourite Billie Piper pictures

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Sam Winchester being cute (◡‿◡✿)

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kieren tidying up his hair before seeing simon the day after their first kiss (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

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"Adventure is out there"

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Wolves and women wed for life. You take one, that’s a marriage. The wolf is part of you from that day on, and you’re part of him. Both of you will change.

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This is one corner of one country on one continent on one planet that’s a corner of a galaxy that’s a corner of a universe that is forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying and never remaining the same for a single millisecond, and there is so much, so much, to see.

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I love going out of my comfort zone—I live to go out of my comfort zone. Obviously, you have quieter years than others—you don’t go jumping out of a plane every day.

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